Novus Ordo Sacraments & Liturgy

Validity Of The Novus Ordo Sacraments ???

It is my position, as outlined in the non validity of the novus ordo rite of episcopal consecration, that the Novus Ordo Sacraments are of diabolical origin and thus have not been accepted by Our Lord Jesus Christ; with the proviso that in the Novus Ordo Rite of Episcopal Consecration, that it is clear cut, whereas, in the remaining Sacraments it is not so clear cut. Only a future Pope can decide this issue.

It is further my position that the church stands in need of a massive repair job in regard to the Sacraments.

The church has taught on the subject of conditional giving of a Sacrament, but that was in normal times.

These are abnormal times the Church has never known before. Even a Sacrament such as Baptism has too many unknowns post Vatican II. We must have surety.

Validity Of The Novus Ordo Mass ???

Every seminarian at some stage of his training will be confronted by a prison camp scenario of where the inmates are not allowed Mass. The case scenario considers the smuggling in of bread and wine and the Priest saying Mass quickly, just using the three basic elements of the Mass, namely:

Even though the Mass may only take two minutes, it is still Mass. In the light of this, one cannot just dismiss the Novus Ordo Mass as invalid. One must look for serious defects in the three basic elements.

I see the following as flaws that can invalidate the Novus Ordo Mass:

This leaves the case of a truly ordained Priest [ordained by a Bishop pre 1968 in the Latin Tridentine Rite] who is of the conservative mould and who has not lost the Faith to a deadening degree; and whether his Mass is valid.

I would hold it to be valid but full of imperfections which are not pleasing to Our Lord.


Non Validity Of The Novus Ordo Rite Of


Episcopal Consecration


Since the introduction of the Novus Ordo Rites of Ordination, Catholics who still guarded the light of the True Faith in their hearts [Sensus Fidelium] knew something was wrong; they had doubts about these Rites.

Thru Baptism and Confirmation the Holy Spirit takes possession of a being and becomes the life of their being; the Soul of their soul!

The Holy Spirit guides and teaches us; but more often than not in the realms of our faculties we are not making sense of what He says and does.

One can liken the human soul to a hand. The hand is the soul which is comprised of the palm area or the centre, and the fingers, the daughters of the soul or the faculties.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve communication between centre and faculty can be blurry.

This is the nature of the Holy Spirit instructing souls of the True Faith about the Novus Ordo Rites of Ordination.

How did these Novus Ordo Rites come about? The Second Vatican Council put in place certain projects to be worked on post Vatican II. One such was the reformation of the Roman Pontifical and Mass which included the Rites of Orders.

What was produced as the new Rite of Episcopal Consecration was null and void.

Now we must ask ourselves how could it possibly come about that the church itself could produce an invalid Rite.

Internet searches will produce a lot of material on the subject of invalid Novus Ordo Rites.

There is much said and many fine articles but I have yet to find one that gets down to the nitty gritty. By this I mean the arguments are confined to what human beings did on this earth i.e. the authors of these new rites.

I am going to take a different perspective. I am going to leave the men of God and the men of Satan in the background. In case I need to explain myself further, agents for good and agents for evil.

Let us imagine Our Lord Jesus Christ and Satan eyeballing each other. Let us see the perennial battle between the two of them.

Internet searches on Leo XIII will produce a few sites that make reference to this event:


The Vision Of Pope Leo XIII

October 13, 1884

Exactly 33 years to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, that is, on October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a remarkable vision. When the aged Pontiff had finished celebrating Mass in his private Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael, with instructions it be said after all Low Masses everywhere. When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation:

The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasted to Our Lord:
"I can destroy your Church."

The gentle voice of Our Lord:
"You can? Then go ahead and do so."

"To do so, I need more time and more power."

Our Lord:
"How much time? How much power?

"75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those
who will give themselves over to my service."

Our Lord:
"You have the time, you will have the power.
Do with them what you will."

Let us think about this for a minute.  This happened in 1884.  The devil said he needed 75 to100 years.  Well, 75 years from 1884 is 1959.  Wow, what a coincidence that it was on January 25, 1959, that John XXIII publicly summoned the Second Vatican Council.

Remember that after the vision, Pope Leo XIII immediately wrote the Prayer to St. Michael to help us overcome the devil in his quest.  He instructed that it be said after every low Mass.  

One of the first changes to come from Vatican II, was the deletion of the Leonine Prayers which included the prayer to St. Michael.  These prayers were eliminated in 1964, the 80th year of the devils 75 - 100 years needed to destroy the Catholic Church.  It would seem that this would be the time to especially say that prayer, not to delete it.

The 100th year would be 1984.  By 1984 John Paul II had let the devil develop a church that is called Catholic, but is not.
This is obvious from his teachings.  


So looking upon the situation with Our Lord Jesus Christ and Satan as the main players, Satan knew that to leave behind the shell of the body would be to destroy the being. Satan had two ways he could do this. Firstly by taking away their Faith and secondly by taking away their Priesthood.

The former he knew he could not accomplish because only chosen souls belong to him. The latter, yes he knew he could do this, for his agents he had been placing their operatives in high places in the Church for many years.

Basically, to rob the Church of its Priesthood, Satan had to invent a new rite that Our Lord Jesus Christ would not accept.

Now I must explain myself as to what I mean by ‘accept’.

Let us imagine that a Pope comes out and says he is declaring the coronation of a new pope as a sacrament. He cannot do this as he can only use what has been handed down by Jesus Christ; he cannot invent.

In such a case Our Lord Jesus Christ would not accept this innovation as a sacrament although the whole of Christendom just may conceivably do so.

Throughout the history of the Church certain disciplines have developed that have their origins in what The Master left behind.

One such discipline was in regard to Orders. To create a new rite disregarding previous discipline is to create a non rite.

Pius XII established the discipline that only a Deacon can be ordained Priest and only a Priest consecrated Bishop in his Encyclical Sacramentum Ordinis.

But this was already expressed in the essential words of the Preface [form] of the Latin Tridentine Rite of Episcopal consecration:

"Fill up in Thy priest the perfection of Thy ministry and sanctify with the dew of Thy heavenly ointment this Thy servant decked out with the ornaments of all beauty."

Notice the words "Fill up in Thy priest..."

Let us imagine that a Pope wants to return to Apostolic times and do away with the Priest as we currently have. This means that all those in future Orders would be Bishops i.e. successors of the Apostles.

If a Pope were to do this he would have to provide a brand new Rite [Episcopal Consecration] as the words "Fill up in thy Priest .." would no longer have signification.

The form [words] must express the matter.

The Novus Ordo Episcopal Consecration Rite has done something similar with:

"So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you, the governing spirit whom you gave to your beloved son, Jesus Christ, the Spirit given by him to the holy apostles, who founded the Church in every place to be your temple for the unceasing glory and praise of your name."

This complete lack of reference to previous discipline in the Novus Ordo Episcopal Consecration Rite, invalidates that Rite. This was no blunder. This was a diabolic move on the part of the infiltrators from hell who held crucial positions in the Church Hierarchy.

So basically, the astute mind of Satan created a rite that he knew Our Lord Jesus Christ would not accept. And most of Christendom fell for it!!! 


True  &  Valid  Orders

Much of what I am about to say will seem ludicrous to the vast majority of modern day Catholics due to their participation in the general apostasy from the True Faith as currently being played out.

But there will shortly come a time when Catholics come to realise that they have been duped out of their patrimony i.e. the True Faith. When this happens they will turn around and seek to put all in order. But now in 2019 do they have time???

Much dilemma will be faced by those who have received Holy Orders in the post Vatican II new Rites.

Questions of validity will try the mind and sanity of many priests, just as many priests were similarly tried post Vatican II with all the bad changes.

Many Novus Ordo Priests will want to turn to saying the Latin Tridentine Mass but they will be troubled over their Ordination and subsequent questions of validity.

So too, will be those Priests Ordained for the Fraternity Of Saint Peter by Novus Ordo Bishops using the Latin Tridentine Rite!

Orders have broken down in the Catholic Church and there is need of a big repair job.

It has always been part of Catholic Tradition that if there be doubt as to the validity of a Sacrament, then it should be re-administered conditionally or "sub conditione".

As a Priest who says the Latin Tridentine Mass, I cannot conceive of any Priest being at peace, saying the Latin Tridentine Mass, who has not been ordained in the Latin Tridentine Rite; not to mention the public scandal of the Faithful in attendance.

I therefore state that any Novus Ordo Priest who wishes to return to Tradition should be re ordained. I declare likewise for those Fraternity Of Saint Peter Priests who have been ordained by a Novus Ordo consecrated Bishop.

For me, as a Bishop, this will be the norm; the contrary will not be permitted.

Just as one does not lose the Faith overnight so to the Church has not lost the Faith overnight. 

Our Lord has kept His promise, that the gates of hell will not prevail against His church, in a very unorthodox way. And here in 2019 I conclude that the gates of hell is the vatican superforce!

True and valid Orders have been bequeathed to the Church via valiant men like Lefebvre, Thuc, Mendez and other unknowns. Not to mention of course those potentates, very elderly prelates still alive within the Church and who will die clutching their 'talent'. Of these, at the death of John Paul II, there were only a handful.

Our Lord in this age of apostasy has bequeathed True and Valid Orders to His Church!


Comparison Of Latin Tridentine & Novus Ordo Rites Of Episcopal Consecration & Priestly Ordination

In both Episcopal Consecration and Priestly Ordination there is the laying on of hands [MATTER] and the preface [FORM].

That which was conferred in the matter is expressed in the form. See Sacraments.

These words or the Preface [form] are an essential part of the Ceremony.

Within the Preface for both Ceremonies there are words which are essential for validity.


In Episcopal Consecration these are:

Fill up in Thy priest the perfection of Thy ministry and sanctify with the dew of Thy heavenly ointment this Thy servant decked out with the ornaments of all beauty.

In Priestly Ordination these are:

We beseech Thee, almighty Father, invest these Thy servants with the dignity of the priesthood. Do Thou renew in their hearts the spirit of holiness, that they may hold the office, next to ours in importance, which they have received from Thee, O Lord, and by the example of their lives point out a norm of conduct.


I now turn to the Novus Ordo Rite for comparable Forms. [taken letter for letter from The Rites].

In Episcopal Consecration these are:

So now pour out upon this chosen one

that power which is from you,

the governing spirit

whom you gave to your beloved son, Jesus Christ,

the Spirit given by him to the holy apostles,

who founded the Church in every place to be your temple

for the unceasing glory and praise of your name.

In Priestly Ordination these are:

Almighty Father,

grant to these servants of yours

the dignity of the priesthood.

Renew within them the Spirit of holiness.

As co-workers with the order of bishops

may they be faithful to the ministry

that they receive from you, Lord God,

and be to others a model of right conduct.


If the sense or signification of the words [form] of the Preface have been substantially changed then the Sacrament is at best doubtful.

The Preface [form] of both Priestly Ordination Rites passes scrutiny.

When examining those of Episcopal Consecration though I cannot see how  "Fill up in Thy priest the perfection of Thy ministry" [Latin Tridentine Rite] equates to "So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you" [Novus Ordo].

The former specifically states the giving of the fullness of His Ministry. The latter specifically states that power which is from you. But, in regard to the latter, what power? The power to do what? The former specifically mentions Priesthood and the latter is specifically general.

See also: Non Validity Of The Novus Ordo Rite Of Episcopal Consecration

All Bishops within the Catholic Church have been consecrated with these words since 1968.

This Rite is null and void and these men are simple Priests [if they have been ordained by a validly consecrated Bishop].

As for priestly Orders, I cannot find anything in the Rite itself which would make it defective. However, Priestly Orders in the Novus Ordo results in non priests if they have not been ordained by a validly consecrated Bishop.

Its almost as if there was a diabolical cunning post Vatican II to rid the Church of any Priesthood at all within 50 years.

Then again maybe there was!

What other conclusions remain?



That since the Novus Ordo Rites came into practice in 1968, every Episcopal Consecration is null and void.

And this includes The Fraternity of St Peter who use such Bishops to ordain their Priests, even though the Ceremony be in the Latin Tridentine Rite.

That Ordinations by such a Bishop are null and void.

And what of those ordained by a pre 1968 Bishop, in the Novus Ordo Rite? This is covered in "Defective Novus Ordo Rite Of Episcopal consecration". Suffice to say that such Bishops are becoming increasingly rare.

Let's say that in 1967 a 24 year old was ordained in the Latin Tridentine Rite. Born in 1943 + 75 = 2018  [75 mandatory retiring age].

This means that by 2020 there will not be a single validly ordained Priest within the Novus Ordo.

This had to have been the diabolical intention of those infiltrators within the Church. All brought about by changing the sense of a few words in the Episcopal Consecration Rite.

Was this revealed to Pius XI by Our Lord? Is this why he empowered Bishop Thuc?

In the case of a pre 1968 Consecrated Bishop who ordains a Priest in the Novus Ordo Rite, I would not say that it was invalid or defective from the aspect of the Rite, but I would still require a 'sub conditione' Ordination.

So far I have been dealing solely with the Rite used. Wilful changing of the Rite or great negligence in same makes it either invalid or doubtful.

I see two other aspects concerning validity.

1. INTENTION. One must have the intention to do as the Church/Our Lord does. In regard to those who go and form their own Church; is this possible? Perhaps I should distinguish here between those whose Faith is that they are a continuation of the True Faith [circumstance created by mass apostasy in Rome] and those who want nothing to do with the main body of the Faith.

Either way, one can only argue their point. Only a Pope can decide on this matter by authorative directives.

To go down the avenue of Intention is to somewhat go down the avenue of the great unknown.

2. FAITH OF THE AUTHORS AND PROMULGATION. Now here I am definitely heading towards a new frontier which I have not known others to comment on.

When Faithful today do not wish to go to Novus Ordo Rites they can look around for alternatives. [One such alternative may seem the Eastern Churches whose Rites are the same as centuries before; but they are in schism and should be avoided.]

The Rite is expressive of the Faith. This is why those who go to Novus Ordo services either leave Church feeling empty or hyped up like some pentecostal. The former have not connected with the fount of living water and the latter are satisfied to only feed their faculties.

Faith must express itself in an appropriate Rite.

It is widely accepted that the Novus Ordo Rites were put together with a lot of Protestant help. And I add, even diabolically minded 'catholic' Clergy.

If this were to end here then we could conclude that the Novus Ordo Rites have not been fathered by the Faith and are therefore at least defective [on this aspect].

BUT these Rites have been promulgated by the Vicar of Christ. [I do not wish to deviate into any Sedevacante position here]. [Trent Session 7 Canon 14 prohibited the creation of new Rites.]

Here we have a conflict between Faith and authority.

I add here that they who created the Novus Ordo Rites were no fools. They knew they could not touch the Tridentine Rite and this is why they created a New Rite.

The conflict lies in the creative Faith behind the Novus Ordo being defective to say the least.

Faith and authority must work hand in hand. In this case it did not.

So I conclude that Novus Ordo Rites are also defective in the faith of the author in that they are not reflective of the True Faith.

Therefore in the case of a validly Consecrated Bishop ordaining a Priest in the Novus Ordo Rite, I consider, along with all such Rites, to be defective and should at some future stage be give 'sub conditione'. This of course does not include Baptism and maybe not marriage. But certainly Confirmation.