As I write this during September 2003, my mind is currently revisiting the subject of Novus Ordo Rites etc. One thing that caused a spark recently was the concept of time bombs being inserted into the Vatican II documents. The implication being these time bombs were to cause Doctrinal havoc down the road.


Something clicked and many things fell into place.


By the time Vatican II came into forum the front line troops of those plotting and planning the destruction of the Church were already in place. Their ranks had been swelling for the seventy years or so previous.


I speculate that around the time of Pius X the Master Plan for the destruction of the Church was already written; just needed fine tuning.


Perhaps Pius X came to know of this.


For the next 60 years it was a matter of gaining positions of authority so as to bring the Master Plan to execution.


The Master Plan envisaged the destruction of Priesthood, Doctrine and Papacy. This was done with an intellectual astuteness truly worthy of Satan. These were no rambling idiots; they knew their subject more than perfectly. To sit down and invent a new set of doctrines; a new faith system is no small thing.


We have long had impressions of silly old Bishops at Vatican II agreeing to everything. Maybe this is true.


But diabolical minds were also at work sowing their thoughts and new doctrines into the minds of unsuspecting silly old Bishops.


These infiltrators of the hellish army were a vast number controlling itching [Paul to Timothy] minds.


They disseminated their agenda and presented it to the Faithful as something good. I remember in 1963 when John XXIII died [I was 13], at school we were all told to pray that the new Pope would continue the Council. These poor brothers had been completely hoodwinked. The Council had been presented as something so good!


I am saying that my own perception of this Master Plan has deepened: And my face turns white!