The   Antichrist   And   Islam

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Islam The Untold Story, de Tom Holland

Break the Cross Muhammad Commands It Steve Quayle & Raymond Ibrahim 13 Jul 18.mp3

Culleton's The Prophets And Our Times

Timeline of Jerusalem - Wikipedia BCC = Before Common Era BC; CE = Common Era AD


We have known that Islam is of satanic origin, a Christian heresy, but the words were always missing to definitively demonstrate how. In the above Tom Holland clip at the 26 min mark something clicked and all became clear to me. It deals with Islam overrunning the Holy Land [prior to the Crusaders] and how they did not rush to take over the Catholic shrines etc but rather sites such as the Jewish Temple site or sites sacred to the Jews. This showed to me how Islam is a tool of the antichrist and was doing the work of Zionism. Jew does not equate to Zionist; Zionist being a diabolic faction. Much more can be said on this as to how the Antichrist Beast will operate but for the moment I just want to remind the reader that no sooner had Mohammad died than Sunnis and Shia Muslims were at each others throats. Keep in mind the Islamic prescript of killing infidels and we have a very violent 'religion'. How do you keep an army finely tuned? Do you not create wars? This is what Satan has done with Islam. He has created a fighting force ready at his disposal. In short ISLAM IS A TOOL OF ANTICHRIST !!Note also that the mother of Mohammed was a Jewess!

Regarding the Third Temple see this clip from Israeli News Live [July 2021] and how Steve talks of a Saudi and Iraeli alliance. See also The Third Holy Temple: Note how he says that David could not have built the original temple as his hands were blood stained by war. Note the current situation in this regard and how Netanyahu no longer leads but the one tasked with building the third temple, Bennett, is at the helm.