Death Of Pope John Paul I


To have no suspicions about the death of Pope John Paul I is to live in "la la" land and you are on the wrong page!

I am going to present two sets of interviews. The first being Malachi Martin on Art Bell’s Coast To Coast in 1998 and the second a set of interviews by Sarah Westall, a You Tuber, with the renowned former New York detective Jimmy “Boots” Rothstein.

The latter speaks for itself with a lot of info within but specifically on the death of Pope John Paul I. There are three files: One, Two and Three. They are on this site and you can save via the right click function.

Re the Fr Malachi Martin interview At the 2 hour 2 min mark til the 2 hour 6 min mark there is a reference to a Fr John Magee who was Private Secretary to Pope John Paul I.

I now wish to place on historical record that in October 1978, two weeks after the election of Pope John Paul II, I with another, met Fr Magee [Wikipedia link] at the Vatican as he then was, on three occasions. He specifically told us that around 10pm in the evening he had brought the Pope a cup of coffee in bed. He was found dead the following morning.

In the Art Bell interview above, in reference to the author David Yallop, Martin says that Magee told him that he [Magee] never met Yallop. I am prepared to call Magee out as a bold face liar on this point. I met him and one thing that did stick out was that he was a “cover up” man! This trait ended his career; see the Wikipeia article above.