Sacramental breakdown

A Doubtful Sacrament is not a sacrament

"Sacramentum Dubium Nullum Sacramentum"


The destruction of the Sacraments has come about because the Council of Trent was ignored by the bakers of the new Novus Ordo rites. There was no authority to create new Rites.

Sanctifying Grace only comes to us via the Sacraments. If a Bishop or Priest does not have valid orders then we are not receiving Sanctifying Grace. A horrific reality!

And so we have a massive repair job. Just as Angels transported Our Lady's House of Loretto from Nazareth to Loretto so too Our Lord is transporting His Church from Rome to the Catacombs. In the study of Moral Theology there are classic text book cases such as a prison camp Mass and Marriage on a deserted island. Equally so with the Sacraments. A child is born sickly and is baptised by the nurse. The child gets better and the parents take it to the Church for the Sacrament which is given conditionally or sub conditione. The Sacrament has been administered without any room for doubt. Note here also the invalid practice of baptising a child in the womb. If this has been done then it is off to the Church you go at birth!

With the new Novus Ordo rites there are a lot of questions as to their validity. These questions can only be answered by the Pope and at the moment we are in an Interregnum awaiting the Pope of prophecy "Gloria Olivae".

In the meantime we must hold to the Rites pre Vatican II or the Latin Tridentine Rite. So I say Latin Tridentine Rite only.

Say a young Novus Ordo priest wants to be ordained in the Latin Tridentine Rite I would discern if he were baptised and confirmed in the Latin Tridentine Rite.

We are not talking about a sacrilegious case of readministering a Sacrament.

And so L A T I N   T R I D E N T I N E   O N L Y !!!