Slow Roman Death & Papacy John Paul II

We all know cases of souls that fall and give scandal in a way that is very serious and mortal. We may ask ourselves how did that person manage to do 'that'. The truth is that this person's fall had been brewing for some time thru lack of attention to the eternal matters of one's soul.

It is comparatively so with the current Roman situation. Rome has not fallen over night!

Satan has been infiltrating the Church thru out its history but due to the malice of men, unprecedented power has been given to Satan to attack Christ's Church in these Apocalyptic times.

Hellish agents over the last century have held high positions in the Church, but never the Papacy itself.

The final blow to Rome came with the death of His Holiness John Paul II. He was a validly consecrated Bishop and the last of a few remaining within the Roman framework.

All those prophecies relating such stories as a Pope leaving the Vatican stepping over the bodies of dead Cardinals relate to this event. See not the Pope leaving but rather the papacy; the death of Rome!